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10N detectors have been designed from the outset based on simplicity, efficiency and low consumption. Successive versions have been developed to improve these parameters. In normal operation and from the magnet for activation is removed, automatically emit a signal every two minutes or time adapted to customer needs. The radio transmission is getting more than 50 miles range. Unlike GPS Detector, this detector does not emit any situation, it beeps for 10 seconds with an indicative Morse Code boat every 2 min or configurable time. This beep is so that from the boat you can see the direction of the boat to the detector. Unable to verify the real distance and the exact course. 

They may have the option to add automatic light through a photocell and a series of LEDs that emit flashes at a configurable intervals to customer needs.

For reception of the beep it is only necessary to have a direction finder, which is the indicated to receive the direction of the detectors.



GONIO detector is composed mainly by a stainless steel tube in which is introduced the battery, a mold piece where it is the card and a GPS RF antenna.



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