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The GPS detector born as a project to facilitate the work of longline fishing, bottom longline or other susceptible art need the precise location of objects in the water. 

The GPS detector emits a signal automatically every 5 minutes or adapted time to customer needs, these emissions contain data with position, velocity, identification, etc ... The transmission of information is transmitted encrypted so security and confidentiality of data is guaranteed. Likewise, they are synchronized by UTC from the GPS signal so that emissions do not overlap. The distance of these buoys is around 50 miles and autonomy is greater than 7 days. These beacons can have light signals for detection in dark times. Likewise, the hardness of these buoys is guaranteed, they are able to withstand depths of over 500m unnoticed damage neither in form nor in its functioning. For receiving, decoding and presentation of the data is only necessary for a equipment capable of receiving SSB (upper or lower side band) and the band of 27MHz and can be a transceiver (telephony, decametric or goniometer) and connect your audio output (line -out or speaker) to the audio input of the sound card of a personal computer. In this computer will be installed the GPS v5 Receiver Detectors software, which will be responsible for representing and analyzing the data sent by the GPS detectors under C -MAP mapping. 

All GPS detectors, unlike the 10N, use the same frequency, which greatly facilitates the job search.



The GPS sensor is composed mainly by a stainless steel tube in which the battery, a mold piece where it is the GPS card and a RF antenna is introduced.



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